What to wear

During the winter months:

  • Gloves and hat
  • Thermals – trousers and top
  • Jacket/ waterproof coat + trousers if possible
  • Fleece/ jumper
  • Warm socks and spare socks
  • Warm wellies/ walking boots/ sturdy shoes (please note unless wellies are neoprene they not very warm when they are wore all day)
  • A complete spare set of clothes (+ bag to keep them in)

During the summer months:

  • Sun hat and sun screen
  • A thin, long sleeved top
  • Long sleeved jumper
  • Trousers
  • Sturdy shoes/ walking boots
  • A spare pair of trousers and socks (+ bag to keep them in)
  • A waterproof coat (can be lightweight one if light showers are predicted)

Footwear – Feet are so often the last thing that is thought about when off for an outdoors adventure but is actually one of the key things to think about.  Wellies are brilliant for short splashes in puddles, but feet soon become cold and the plastic doesn’t insulate the feet.  I have found that neoprene wellies are amazing and not only keeping my feet dry but also keeping them warm. I have got a pair from the Warm Welly Company and my feet have never been so snug. Along with a good pair of welly socks my feet are happy all day long, even on bitter wintery days. If your feet are happy generally the rest of you is too!  In the summer a good pair of walking shoes or trainers is perfect, they offer the support that is essential for unever ground and keep any dirt or woodland bits out, unlike sandles that let in all sorts.