Family Days

A day with us will be jam packed with exciting adventures, you will get to experience lots of wonderful activities whilst with us, we may use tools such as a bow saw to make woodland crafts, or light fires using a flint and steel, maybe you would like to have some relaxing time with your child in our hammock, or turn into Tarzan on the rope swing, you may build a fort and fight dragons, or make a tiny fairy village using sticks and your imagination.  You will get to have time away from the stresses and strains of life, spending quality time with your child, no screens just pure fun. You will get to sip on hot chocolate and watch the magic of popcorn explode on our campfire.  The hours will whizz past, you will go home feeling not only more connected to your child but also to nature, and you will have the best nights sleep of your life.

This years family day dates:


29th May – 10am – 2pm

7th  July – 10am – 2pm

29th  August – 10am – 2pm

1st September  – 10am – 2pm


Adults: £15

Children: 1st child £10 additional children £8 up to 3 children

Maximum of 3 children per adult

Spaces are only guarenteed once full payment has been received.


Call: 07703813551